Digital darkroom

I have gone totally digital, and miss very few things about the wet darkroom.  I certainly don’t miss the chemicals or the difficultlies of working in the dark.   Doing solarization in the wet darkroom was a lot of fun, and I don’t think that the Photoshop solarizing filters look like any solarization I ever did.  But the current technology opens up so many more possibilities for image manipulation and construction that I would never go back …

I print on an Epson R2400 with ultrachrome ink.  I chose it because of the pigment inks, which I need to print on fabric and to make my paper prints more archival.  I have a Wacom graphics tablet.  I use Photoshop Elements for my basic photo processing, and then I mix and match filters, artistic brushes and effects in a large variety of programs to alter my photographs.  I rarely use Photoshop filters because so many people use them I think they look too predictable.  Also, the challenge for me is in picking a filter or brush that takes the photograph from looking realistic to looking artistic.

Egret swirl

I love to experiment with new or unusual processes, materials and products.   I rarely print on paper these days, preferring to print directly on fabric, transparencies, metal, vellum … whatever I can get into that printer!  I use different kinds of transfer technology to get my images onto surfaces that I can’t fit into the printer, including Lazertran and heat transfers.

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