Zazzle addict

Okay, it’s true. Working on my zazzle gallery at home has taken up a lot of time.  I have so many images that it has taken quite awhile to get them up, and I keep working on new designs, and can’t wait to get them onto a t-shirt or mug.  But I’m also addicted to checking how many people have stopped by to see my gallery.  There’s a counter showing how many visits you get in a day, and how many total visits you’ve had.  I know the counter isn’t completely reliable because people on the forums mentioned that, and I have also seen the number go DOWN from one minute to the next — not sure what’s up with that.  You can also see what products have been viewed by day, week, month, etc.

What else?  Well, people can leave comments on your gallery, or on the individual products.  People can also vote for your products, by giving you one to five stars.  And I mentioned the “Today’s Best Award” I got for my zebra sneakers.  That was such a thrill!  I check the TBA throughout the day, just to see what has won.  I admit that a lot of the things that get the awards aren’t that great — I don’t even think those zebra sneakers are my best, but oh well….

Oh yeah, you can also join other galleries’ fan clubs if you like their work, and hopefully some will join yours.  If you click the “Community” link at the top of the page it brings up a set of changing products — there’s a row with some things that have recently sold, then a row where they show some recently-posted items that you can rate, and a row of what they call “fresh galleries”, that I assume means a product was just added to the gallery.  I’m not sure how they decide what goes on those crawling panels.  Sometimes my gallery or item will appear there soon after I put up a new product, but not always.  The “Pulse” button on the left side has similar crawling panels.

And of course the ultimate validation is selling something.  I didn’t even realize that someone had bought a set of my postage stamps,  my very first sale! until several days later.  Zazzle sends form emails every time you post a new product, and I had just been deleting them without looking at them – so I didn’t realize that this email said “Your item has been purchased” rather than “Your item has been published” or something like that.  I was going through all the trashed emails to find something and found out about the sale!!  I’ve never been so proud to make a couple of dollars in my life!


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