Photos on Tiles, part 2

Even though I love to make my own things, sometimes I just don’t have the technology to make a piece the way I’d like it to be.  When I want an exact rendition of my images on tile, I order them from someone set up to do dye-sublimation.  The best quality I’ve found is through the website  I have gotten the glossy and matte 6 inch and 4.25 inch tiles from Tony.  His prices are really reasonable although shipping adds quite a bit.  He packs the tiles really well, and not one of the nearly 50 tiles I’ve gotten from him has broken.  Click here for a shot of my photo of an angel’s trumpet flower, done by Tony on a glossy 6 inch tile, which I used as the top of a wooden box. 

I also found a great source for the boxes and other products to display or incorporate tiles.  It’s Aftosa, you can check out their website for a wide variety of useful and decorative items.  They just happen to be about a mile away from my house, in Richmond, California, so I arrange for pickup and save a lot on shipping.  Their wooden boxes are beautiful.  I’ve also used their metal frames for tiles, including the garden stake and address frames.  Tony says that his glossy tiles aren’t weatherproof, but I made a set of tiles with our house address (I’ll add a photo soon) and it has held up just fine outside. 

I use E6000 to adhere the tiles to the boxes and metal frames.  It really stinks, and I only use it with ventilation and a mask.  I also put the items in a far corner of the basement to off-gas.

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