Celebration of Old Roses

One of the most wonderful events in our town (El Cerrito California, just north of Berkeley) is the Celebration of Old Roses, sponsored by the international Heritage Roses Foundation, and held the Sunday after Mother’s Day.  This year, 2009, the event will be on May 17th from 11 am to 4:30 pm.  It’s at the El Cerrito Community Center, a few blocks east of the main drag, San Pablo Avenue.  The Center is at 7007 Moeser Lane, cross street is Ashbury.  The event and parking are free.

The heart of the event is the hundred-foot display of roses — everyone from expert cultivators to garden-fanatics to hobbyists to people who just have one rose bush in their yard bring cut roses to show. They are grouped and arranged, and the result is an intoxicating display of scents and colors.

In addition to the roses, there’s an array of arts and crafts and rose-related products for you to view and purchase if you can’t resist!  My favorites include a vendor who sells rose and nature themed books, and two vendors who offer rose flavored jellies and jams and  locally-produced honey.

We have had a booth with our artwork and crafts at the Celebration for the past four years.  This year we’re going to be in the main hall, competing with the rose display for attention.  I’ll bring the work that I make from my original photographs, mostly rose and flower-related, including jewelry, scarves, tiles, boxes, vases, sachets, and much more!

Garden Delights booth at Rose Show

Garden Delights booth at Rose Show

If you have any questions about the Celebration, please email me at HeidiRand@aol.com

One comment on “Celebration of Old Roses

  1. Thats cool I don’t have anything like that in my parts

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