Pinole Art Center Too!

Pinole Artisans, a wonderful group of artists and crafters in the East Bay, just opened a second gallery at the Pinole Valley Mall (across the mall from Trader Joe’s), just off I-80 at Pinole Valley Road.  The original gallery, still open — the grand opening of the newest show will be Saturday September 12th — is at 2221 Pear Street in Old Pinole, right near City Hall.

Initially, the hours for the new gallery will be 4 to 8 pm, Thursday through Sunday.  We had a glorious grand opening on Saturday September 5th for the first show: The Drama of Light.  Here’s Joan Landis, the immediate past president of Pinole Artisans and current manager of both Pinole Art galleries, cutting the celebratory cake ….  Ira Nelken, current president of Pinole Artisans, supervises.

Joan Landis cuts the cake!

Joan Landis cuts the cake!

The gallery is large and light, showing the artwork off beautifully.  The walls and panels are covered with an amazing array of paintings, photographs and mixed media artwork.  Fiber art, including scarves and purses, also adorn the walls.  The many talented jewelry-artist members of Pinole Artisans have filled the glass cases at the new gallery with a wonderful variety of handcrafted necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and pins, including PMC, beadwork, polymer art and my butterfly earrings made from lutradur.

Grand opening

Grand opening

The big attraction on Saturday was an amazing sculpture by Donald Lieske.  Lieske is an incredibly talented sculptor who uses recycled materials to create unusual and thought-provoking metal works, usually with incisive wordplay titles.  Many of Lieske’s pieces are mechanical and use electricity. This rolling ball sculpture combines light, sound and movement:

Donald Lieske sculpture

Donald Lieske's rolling ball sculpture

The gallery also has an abundance of surfaces to display 3-D arts and crafts, good news for me because so much of my artwork doesn’t hang on the wall.  There are shelves for the many things I make out of the fabric that I design and print: vases, fabric books, pillows, purses, and more, my tile boxes, etc.

Grand opening

Grand opening

The Pinole Artisans meet the first Friday of every month, usually at the Pinole United Methodist Church, 2000 San Pablo Avenue, in Pinole (make a right just past the Bus Stop Mural if you are coming up out of Old Town Pinole toward Appian Way).  It’s a very friendly and talented group of people — notable for welcoming a wide variety of artisans.  Members also offer art classes on a range of subjects.  If you’re interested in learning more about the group, check out the website: and come to a meeting.

To exhibit your work in the Art Centers, you must be a member and sit for a number of hours a week (currently 4) in one or the other gallery.  The shows last about two months.  If you have any questions, call the Artisans at (510) 724-2008.


2 comments on “Pinole Art Center Too!

  1. This is a wonderful article! I dream of being in a gallery one day. I do photography and would love to do fine art prints. I am still visualizing the idea first. Thinking of original things I can do! Thanks so much for sharing!


  2. Joan Landis says:

    Thanks Heidi for the great advertising! One of these days I will lean on you for how to set one up!

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