Happy Valentine’s Day!

I’ve been collecting old postcards and greeting cards since I was a teen. Growing up in New Jersey gave me lots of opportunities to find many treasures, since it seemed everyone had a box in their attic. When I moved to California I found the pickings scarce, and the prices much higher, but I still keep an eye out at garage sales and flea markets. This is one of the prizes of my collection that I found many years ago, a Valentine’s Day card that’s about 8.5 by 6.5 inches, heavily embossed, and has 4 separate layers on the front!

Valentine's Day card

The little card says: “A token of love”. This is the inside:

Valentine's Day card

I love the simple handwritten message on the left: “To My Valentine,” and the printed poem:


I need not declare it,
Already you know —
I love you, – I love you!
For joy, or for woe.
For joy! — if you love me,
O, idol of mine;
For woe! – if you leave me
In anguish to pine.

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

One comment on “Happy Valentine’s Day!

  1. I love this! You know I am a big fan of cards 🙂 The birds, the colors, the poem . . . all are lovely. Hoping you have a terrific Valentine Day yourself, friend.

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