Mad Hens

No, this isn’t about the character of any of the chickens that we know and love. Going through my vintage postcards, I noticed that some of the little chicks in the Easter cards look kinda angry. Here’s one:

Easter Card

Maybe it’s not mad, just peeping? These two look sweet:

Easter card

Here’s one made in France. I think this little guy looks pretty peeved, maybe it’s just a bit of Gallic attitude:

Easter cardFunny, I took French in high school and college but can’t remember the word for “angry.”  Online translators tell me it’s “être en colère.”

The top card is postmarked 1912 and the second one 1915. They’re both addressed to “Miss Ada May Rhodes” and they’re from her “Aunties.” The cost of the stamps? A penny.

4 comments on “Mad Hens

  1. Lovely cards. The chicks don’t look very pleased at all.

  2. I love the post, and the cards. Angry Birds (as it were). And, how very French: dissatisfied . . . mais oui! Said with much Francophile love.

  3. That’s funny, Heidi, I’ve never really looked that closely at the expressions. For some reason I find it odd the artists would depict them like that for a holiday scene…… today, I’d not be surprised! LOL! Good to “see” you, run into you on FB all the time!

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