Wisteria hysteria

How many times in this blog have I told you that x, y, or z is my favorite flower or plant? Well, right now – my very favorite flower in the world is wisteria (that’s the ‘w’). And in our little town, the wisteria is bloomin’!


George and I drive around the city, imperiling ourselves and others when we see a dramatic wisteria vine cascading over a fence or adorning a front wall – we point and shout:”Wisteria! Over there!!” The south end of town must get more sunlight, because theirs are going great guns. The one over our front door isn’t blooming at all yet, but the picture above is of the one in our back garden. I took that photo last Monday. Here’s what it looked like on Friday:


This is a close-up of a few of the buds:


I made a blended collage using the image above, duplicated and altered digitally:

Wisteria blendAre you a wisteria hysteric, like me? Any blooming in your neck of the woods yet?


2 comments on “Wisteria hysteria

  1. Holle says:

    I LOVE wisteria too!
    I was admiring some beautifully draped on an arbor at the little house on PVR and Simas near the High School. I so wanted to go smell it…ahhh

  2. I am with you, sister. I LOVE wisteria . . . the color of the blossoms, the way they hang and drip down like bunches of grapes, and their presences as heralds of warmer weather. In the South, they climb up onto and over poles, fences, other trees — rambunctious! Thanks for these great shots of them.

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