Great Blue Heron visits the garden

A creek runs behind our house. During drought years it trickles, but recent rains have brought torrents of water rushing through the channel. We think a Great Blue Heron (GBH) that visited us the other day may have flown to us by following the creek, which goes underground for a bit just past our property.  We also have a small garden pond with some fish, and it could be that the heron had heard tell of tasty treats in a pair of backyard ponds – our next door neighbors also have one. And yes, some of the fancy koi that we had in past years were eaten by marauding herons and egrets, so now we stick to less costly goldfish and mosquito fish. George saw the GBH circling above the garden. Although George was sitting quite still, perhaps the heron spotted him and decided not to try for the pond. I was inside the house, and after grabbing my camera I quickly scanned and saw that it had landed on our neighbor’s roof.

Great blue heron

It strode across and perched at the highest point to survey the possibilities.

Great blue heron

Patiently looked in all directions.

Great blue heron

Gave me a final shot at its gorgeous profile.

Great blue heron

And finally turned and flew away over the rooftops, perhaps to find a garden pond without a guardian.

Great blue heron

Great blue heron

3 comments on “Great Blue Heron visits the garden

  1. nan yarbrough says:

    WOW! Wasn’t it nice for the heron to match the roof…great photos.

  2. alex colombo says:

    Great shots! We had one going by our place too, about a month ago. It was fantastic to watch it standing on top of one of our trees, right in front of our bay window 🙂

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