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Do you have a preferred learning style when you’re starting out with a new art technique? Do you like to have a printed book to refer to? Would you rather go to a hands-on workshop where you can try out the process with a teacher guiding you and other people to interact with? Are you partial to ebooks or pdf downloads because the price is lower than a workshop or printed book? What about an online workshop with diagrams and step-by-step instructions that you can download and use over and over?

CraftArtEdu online class

People learn all sorts of different ways, and some techniques lend themselves more to one or another mode of study. As a teacher, I try to reach out to everyone by offering my workshops as books, ebooks, online classes, and in-person workshops. The workshops are thrilling because I meet so many talented people eager to find out about the techniques and materials that I’m excited about. It’s also incredibly satisfying to watch people work on their own projects and go home with, say, a piece of fabric that they printed using their own artwork.

Fabric printing: necklace

I took a break from workshop teaching to finish my book about selling art online, but am happy to announce that I’m jumping back in, and I just found a great location in Pinole to start up again. I have the first three workshops scheduled and will be getting dates for the others. To make sure that everyone gets lots of attention, I limit the number of people in each workshop, so pre-registration is required. Please email me at with your questions or to pre-register for any of the workshops scheduled in June, July, and August. When you pre-register I’ll give you the address and more information about each workshop. You can see the list of my other workshops at my website.  If you’re interested in any of them email me and I’ll let you know when they’re scheduled.

Sunday June 24, 2012
Learn to print your artwork, images & designs on cotton and silk with an inkjet printer. This exciting technique opens the door to many possibilities for creating original fabric to use in gifts, quilts, art pieces, and much more…. You will go home with at least one sheet of treated fabric printed with your images, and with the knowledge to begin printing fabric on your home inkjet printer.
11 am to 3 pm / $40 plus supplies

Inkjet printed fabric: purses

Saturday July 14, 2012
Learn to transform your photographs into works of art with software programs and techniques. We will explore how to enhance your original photos to achieve unique and artistic effects. We will use Adobe Photoshop Elements at the workshop, but will explore techniques that other image processing programs use.
11 am to 2:30 pm / $50

Repeat pattern instructions

Saturday August 11, 2012
Overview class designed to teach you about the many different options to market and sell your artwork and/or crafts on the internet. You will learn the pros and cons of having your own website, selling through print-on-demand websites, selling your handmade work on Etsy or similar sites, using blogs and other social marketing tools, and much more. This information will save you much time in doing the research on your own, and save you from wasting time and money on the wrong kind of venue for your situation.
11 am to 2:30 pm / $60

Sell Artwork Online

If you’re not local, or you prefer book learning, check out my website for links to my three books:

This is link to my online classes at CraftArtEdu.


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