Transit of Venus

We didn’t have welders’ goggles to safely see the transit of Venus across the sun, so we made a couple of pinhole viewers from shoeboxes. The image was so small we really couldn’t see Venus at all.

Pinhole viewer

Ingenious George went to work setting up a better gizmo. He taped binoculars to a tripod and blocked out one of the lenses and some of the light surrounding it by positioning a large piece of cardboard around the binocs.

Transit of Venus

This was one of the first shots I got as Venus started across the sun.

Transit of Venus

It’s the spot down at the bottom. Lars was very interested in this astronomical wonder.

Transit of Venus

Here’s another shot, taken about 15 minutes after the first.

Transit of Venus

Then George remembered our telescope, and pulled that out for a larger view.

Transit of Venus

Venus appears on the opposite side because the telescope flips the image. Actually, George said that Venus was travelling across the top side of the sun, so I guess the image was flipped with the binoculars and flipped back with the telescope. Here’s a photo of it shining onto George’s hand. Venus is the spot at about 4:00.

Transit of VenusThese aren’t anything near the quality of the ones from the observatories, but pretty amazing what you can do at home!


One comment on “Transit of Venus

  1. cassvcollins says:

    This is great stuff, Heidi. I remember my Mom making pin-hole cameras for us. Takes me back.

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