First Annual Pinole Artisan Plein Air Paint Out

It was a wonderful day to paint outside. A bit hot, but the well-prepared plein-airian has an umbrella or paints in the shade. We met at the Pinole Art Center at 10 and dispersed to various scenic spots around Pinole to paint (or do other media) for 3 hours.

Pinole Artisans Plein Air Paint Out

I was the only non-painter. I brought my camera to shoot outside, and then scooted back to the Art Center to upload the photos and work on a blended collage in Photoshop. I was ecstatic to get a photograph of an amazing blue dragonfly. George found it in our dragonfly guide book – it’s a Blue-eyed Darner (Aeshna multicolor).


I ended up using one of the dragonfly photos as the main focus of my collage (I’ll show you that later). At 1 p.m. we met back up at Peet’s for a gentle critique session and peer awards. All of the art was wonderful. First prize went to Semion Mirkin. Semion has an incredible view from the windows of his home, so he drove back there and painted inside to escape the heat. Semion amazed us all by doing 2 paintings. This was the first prize winner:

Second prize went to Frances (Penny) Bledsoe, for her wonderful painting of some daisies.

Georgette captured the third place ribbon for her watercolor, which – amazingly -is the first watercolor she has ever done!

Carolyn Hess organized the Paint Out. She’s a devoted plein air painter, who faithfully goes out with other members of the Pinole Artisans to do plein air painting every Tuesday. This is her watercolor of a tree near Fernandez Park.

This was the blended collage I made, using a photograph of the dragonfly and elements of two photos I took of ducks flying over the creek.

Dragonfly collage

You can see the rest of the wonderful paintings at this link on my Facebook page.

The Pinole Artisans meet on the first Friday of every month at 7 p.m. at the Pinole United Methodist Church, 2000 San Pablo Ave. All are welcome. The Pinole Art Center is at 2221 Pear Street. Our shows rotate about every two months and we have a wide range of local artists’ work, including fine art, photograph, jewelry, textile and fiber art, sculpture, soap and candles, and much more! We’re open from 11 to 4, Tuesday through Saturday. For more information, see the Pinole Artisan website.

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