Hummingbird Happiness

What’s your favorite bird? I admit that I can’t ever get enough of hummingbirds. They’re so amazing and so unlikely. The smallest birds in the world, and the most expert hoverers.

Hummingbird hovering

Fast and feisty, flashing iridescent feathers as they perch for a moment before zooming away.

Hummingbird wingspreadWe spent a wonderful day in our friend Joan’s garden. The hummingbirds were dancing from feeder to flower, pausing in the orange tree, then back for more nectar. When photographing hummers, I’m most thrilled at capturing those magical moments when they’re zipping past …

Hummingbird in flight

or hovering for a moment …

Hummingbird flying

or feeding from flowers.

Hummingbird feeding at flower

There’s a towering flax plant in Joan’s garden which the hummingbirds just couldn’t get enough of. Hovering to drink…

Hummingbird at flax flower

Curving down to drink …

Hummingbird at flax flower

Even drinking straight on!

Hummingbird at flax flower

A view from the back shows the bright green iridescent feathers.

Hummingbird at flax flower

Finally, after visiting flower after flower on the flax plant, this hummer’s beak was covered with pollen!

Hummingbird and bee at flax flower

Did you notice the other visitor to the flax? See the honeybee gathering nectar at the bottom-right flower, with a bright orange pollen ball on its leg!

What’s your favorite bird? Do you have feeders or flowers for birds in your garden? Do hummers pass through your area while migrating, or stay year-round?


10 comments on “Hummingbird Happiness

  1. Joan says:

    Heidi!!! How beautiful! Thx!

  2. jek101358 says:

    You really have a gift — thank you for sharing it.

  3. alex colombo says:

    These are truly beautiful pix Heidi! Thanks for sharing – I get hummingbirds pretty much daily, they really like my colorful salvia (sage 🙂 – what camera do you use?

  4. Heidi Rand says:

    Alex, Thanks! Is it the red hummingbird sage? It smells so delicious. I use a Nikon D60, nothing fancy but I love it. I was all-Nikon before digital and segued back into Nikons after I outgrew my first few point and shoot digital cameras. I like being able to use my old Nikon lenses, although the new lenses are so much lighter.

  5. Jane says:

    Wow, what fantastic shots!! Thanks, Heidi.

  6. cathieg says:

    Heidi…oh my gosh what wonderful are so talented!!!

  7. alex colombo says:

    Yes, red sage, exactly! I planted a bunch more this year, they are amazing plants – love Nikons, I have one too, a D3100 🙂

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