George’s Garden Pond

In deciding to buy our house, one of the main attractions was the garden pond. It’s a testament to George’s imagination that he saw the potential, because it was far from a real pond at the time. It was full of dirt and rotting vegetation, riddled with cracks, and woefully overgrown and underloved. Over the years he has nurtured it into an amazing, flourishing pond filled with aquatic flowers and plants, a haven for mosquito fish, goldfish and a couple of koi.  He even loves taking an annual dip into the pond to clean it out. I took a photo of him a few years back climbing out. Since he was not fully clothed at the time, I had to do some artsy work to make it family-friendly.

George arising from pond

Another day I took a photo of his reflection as he peered into the pond.

George reflected in pond

The water lilies have been blooming for weeks. I took this photo a couple of days ago of a red water lily among lily pads.

Water lily

If you look closely in the lower right corner, you can see one of the large goldfish gliding by. Do you have a garden pond? What kind of flowers and plants grow in it?

10 comments on “George’s Garden Pond

  1. Judy says:

    Beautiful pond! Enjoyed the photos you’ve taken over the years. The waterlily is gorgeous. Thanks for sharing.

  2. cassvcollins says:

    I love reflected images, Heidi. This one of George is a painting! Beautiful.

  3. lisa yaffee says:

    love your vibrant art work!

  4. I love it Heidi…it’s like a painting. You and George make a good team!

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