Spreadin’ the good news

A few months ago my incredibly creative friend Tamara, of Bean Up The Nose Art, told me some great news. After several years of selling her fantastic greeting card line herself and through sales reps to more than 100 stores, she got a licensing deal! Calypso Cards saw Tamara’s cards at Surtex in May and guess what, they’re already selling them.

copyright Tamara Holland, Bean Up The Nose Art

But Tamara had more great news up her sleeve. Since she couldn’t sell her cards directly anymore, she was expanding her business to become a sales rep herself. After all, she had been so successful selling her own cards, she loved dealing with the stores and buyers who carried her cards, and she even knew a bunch of talented artists whose lines she could represent. Okay, so the really really great news for me? She wanted to know whether I was interested in having her rep my cards and gifts. Talk about a dream come true!


So I’ve been moving full speed ahead to get my work ready for Tamara to take out on the road. I found a fantastic local family-owned and operated printer, Cerrito Printing, to print my line of photo-art cards.

I’m busy designing forms, ordering supplies, making samples, and figuring prices. I’m designing all-new labels using the wonderful logo that Carolyn Hess, another amazingly gifted local graphic designer and artist-friend, designed for me.

Any of you selling wholesale? It’s a leap, and the differences between direct selling to wholesale are eye-opening, so I’ll be posting more about it in the coming months. Now, back to designing some new fabric-covered light switch plates – hopefully soon to be seen in a store near you (wink).

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