Space Shuttle Endeavour flies over

George has been a devoted space fan since childhood, so when it turned out that he had to be away from the house when the shuttle Endeavour was scheduled to fly over the Bay Area, he made sure that I had my camera all charged up.  I kept running from TV to Twitter to the radio to get information about where it was, but the updates were sketchy and contradictory. At one point I thought I had missed it and was so disappointed. Then a local TV station reported that it was over Oakland, so I rallied and got ready. And there it was, approaching from the south east, coming straight at me!

Shuttle Endeavour flyoverI dialed George on the cell phone as soon as I saw it, and somehow through my shaking and taking photos, managed to let him know that I could see it! I know you’re not supposed to shoot into the sun, but I just kept taking photos as it got closer.

Shuttle Endeavour flyover

Then it was right above me, next to the house!

Shuttle Endeavour flyover

This is my closest shot.

Shuttle Endeavour flyoverIt thundered past me.

Shuttle Endeavour flyover

And then disappeared over our roof to fly over Richmond and off toward the Golden Gate Bridge for the real photo-ops.


4 comments on “Space Shuttle Endeavour flies over

  1. Holy cow. This just sent several billion chills up my spine. How can one type “AMAZING?!?” well enough to convey it . . . the closeness of something that’s been so far away from Earth, and your catches of it? Thank you for sharing this with everyone!

  2. Heidi, I was just like you, running up and down the stairs of my apt bldg to the roof, hanging out since 9 am waiting, and wondering and running back down to my tv and computer checking, contradictory is the word. maybe 5 times, it ended up being too foggy from my roof anyway….I was wearing my NASA jacket covered with NASA patches, in the early 80’s I catered monthly lunches for the Chief Counselor of NASA what a character, My childhood bedroom window… I had a view of Moffat Field with all the blimps floating around back in the 50’s. …and I cried too today ….totally unexpected. Thanks for sharing the fun ! Fantastic photos …..I about had a nervous breakdown when the Challenger exploded watched it live in a coffee shop on Geary waiting for an appointment next door.

    • Heidi Rand says:

      Nancy, Too foggy for you to see – argh! From my view it was too misty to see much as it flew over the Golden Gate Bridge, but I really lucked out that it flew so close over our house. I can just see you in your NASA jacket – what a great picture you paint!

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