Introducing ArtFirst! Bay Area

Let’s put on a show! Do you remember saying that as a kid? Remember the excitement of planning, scurrying around to produce something fun and interesting? Well – I’ve spent many hours this past year with some wonderful local art friends, meeting and plotting, working together to form a group. And I have the pleasure of presenting to you … [drum roll] … ArtFirst! Bay Area.

ArtFirst!We don’t have a formal logo yet, but this is one of my first attempts — (hey, logos are hard).

And we are putting on a show! The inaugural ArtFirst! show will be at the Kensington office of Marvin Gardens Real Estate, 289 Arlington Ave, Kensington, CA. The show will run from this Friday (Oct. 5th) to January 2013. We’re having a reception with wine and snacks this Friday from 5 to 7. If you can’t make it to the reception, please go by to see the show during Marvin Gardens’ business hours, Monday through Friday, 9 to 5, and Saturday 10 to 5.

So who are we? We’re a group of artisans working in very different media – including painting, photo-based art, mixed-media, glasswork, artisan natural perfume, jewelry, soapmaking, acting, vintage-inspired beadwork, and more! I’ll write a post here soon to introduce you to everyone and show you their wonderful work. Our website is under construction, but if you’re on Facebook we’d appreciate your ‘liking’ our brand new fan page. Hope to see many of you at one of our shows!

2 comments on “Introducing ArtFirst! Bay Area

  1. Heidi, you so rock! So happy and proud to call you my friend, and an artist whose cards and goodies I get to rep. Way to go on your latest venture.

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