Not a Hummingbird

I freely admit that I’m hummingbird-crazy. For a photographer, what better subject than an exquisite feisty bird whose feathers gleam and flash as they dart and hover in the air? And then there are the challenges of getting a great shot – those flashy feathers only show up momentarily as they catch the light, and they rarely rest for more than a moment. But once in a while I catch a not-too-bad photo of another bird. Lately our dogwood tree has been filled with these guys.Golden crowned sparrow

George, my go-to guy for bird identification, wasn’t home, but our very smart friend Jessica saved the day with a quick i.d.: it’s a Golden crowned Sparrow. This one was quiet, posing as I took the photo, but Jessie described their “lovely, melancholy song of three falling notes: tweee twee twee.” Thanks Jess!


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