A Token of Love

Only a week until the holiday of hearts and candy, flowers and sweet professions of love. So for Valentine’s Day, here are some vintage postcards, from me to you.

Vintage Valentine's Day postcardThe postmark is illegible, so I can’t tell what year it was mailed.  Since there’s no message or signature on the back, we can just imagine that the addressee, Miss Elinore Trahman of Irvington N.J., either knew who it was from, or had fun dreaming about who her secret friend was! I love the bee in the lower left corner.

Vintage Valentine's Day card

This postcard, a hand-drawn envelope adorned with embossed roses and golden four-leaf clover, was mailed in 1911 to Mrs. A. Upcraft, of New Haven N.Y., with a simple handwritten message on the back: “With Love, G.E. Cass”.

Vintage Valentine's Day card

Finally, “Say Yes, My Valentine.” There’s no writing on the back, and it’s not normal postcard-sized, so it was probably slipped into an envelope. The message is priceless:

I recommend you for a job,

And wish that you would try it;

I’ll gladly “bring the bacon home,”

If you’ll be there to fry it.

Happy Valentine’s Day to all!

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