George’s Red-Hot Sinn-amon Soap

Yesterday was our sneak peek Open House at the gallery I’m involved with, The Village Shops and Galleries in El Cerrito. It was a wonderful day – but more about that in another blog post, because I have to tell you about the grand entrance George made midway through the day. If you know George at all, you know he has a wide range of interests and skills.

George and his friendFor the past several years, George has been making the most delicious chocolate truffles for me for Valentine’s Day.

George with trufflesSo you won’t be surprised to hear that when George strolled into the gallery holding this platter….

George with his Sin'amon red hots soap… I thought they were dark chocolate hearts. Indeed, all of George’s wonderful soaps look good enough to eat. But wow, these gleaming dark mahogany hearts … everyone there was ready to bite in!

George's Sin'amon Red-Hot heart soap

Even after he said they were soap some of us still wanted to take a nibble, they looked so scrumptious! And indeed, they are — delicious and luxurious on your body (and of course on a loved one’s body!) in the shower or a very sexy bath. He used the spiciest, best quality Watkins cinnamon for a deep, complex scent. Cinnamon soothes the skin and intoxicates the senses — what better combination for George’s very sexy soap?

George's soaps


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