Lilacs Blooming

We haven’t had much luck getting lilacs to bloom in our garden. So when George told me that the lilac he planted about three years ago was finally blooming, I raced outside with my camera. I was a little sad to see that the flowers weren’t open yet.

We impatiently awaited further unfurling of the flowers, and were finally rewarded with this wonderful sight.
LilacWe’re amazed to see that each individual flower is outlined in white. The scent, of course, is heavenly. I had trouble tearing myself away!
Lilac flower stalkAny other lilac lovers out there? How are yours doing this year? Oh, and George doesn’t know what kind this is, so if you know, please leave a comment. Ah, thanks to my knowledgeable facebook friends Joan and Dennis, it appears that this lilac is appropriately named “Sensation.”

2 comments on “Lilacs Blooming

  1. Janice Adams says:

    I love lilacs. We used to have them in Idaho. The fragrance is amazing.

  2. Love lilacs, grew up with them in Oregon. I have one here is Southern CA that is finally blooming…but for such a short time, too. Your photos are beautiful. 🙂

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