Ben Witzke at Pinole Artisan Meeting

As a member of the speaker committee for the Pinole Artisans, I’m privileged to help choose the wonderful artists who come to our monthly meetings to speak about and show us their amazing work. For our July 5th meeting I’m so happy to welcome Benjamin Witzke, a very talented artist, science illustrator and naturalist.

Ben Witzke website

Ben Witzke’s website :

Ben is deeply fascinated by California’s unique ecology and astonishing biodiversity. Before receiving his BA in illustration from the California College of the Arts, he studied zoology at Humboldt State University, with a focus on herpetology. Ben also has a graduate degree in Scientific Illustration from CSU Monterey Bay, and is currently illustrating newly described species of frogs and tadpoles for the California Academy of  Sciences.
Ben Witzke: Dunn's Salamander

Ben Witzke: Dunn’s Salamander

“Dunn’s Salamander” is a digital piece depicting a species of salamander native to the very northwestern corner of California. Ben describes it as “an exercise in painting landscapes using only the computer and my own photosource.”

Ben Witzke: Snowy Owl

Ben Witzke: “Breakout”

“Breakout” began as a digital sketch of a Snowy Owl. Ben printed the sketch onto watercolor paper, and then painted on top of the print. At his presentation, Ben will show a mixed media copy of the same piece to illustrate his more painterly digital / mixed media techniques. He will also demonstrate how he integrates graphite drawing, watercolor, acrylic painting and other media to create his illustrations.
Ben Witzke's blog

Ben Witzke’s blog :

The Pinole Artisan general member meetings are held the first Friday of every month, at the Pinole United Methodist Church, 2000 San Pablo Avenue, from 7 to 10 pm. Meetings are free and anyone is welcome. The upcoming meeting is Friday July 5th.

For more information about the meeting or the Pinole Artisans call 510-724-2008. Click here to see our website.

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