Great Blue Heron Visits the Garden

I was working at my desk when a blur whizzed by my side window. Figuring it was the scrub jay or crow landing on the roof of our garden room, I didn’t even look up – but then … that thump was definitely not jay or crow sized! And indeed not – it was a Great Blue Heron! I grabbed my camera and got a few quick shots.

Great Blue Heron

He cruised off the roof and I got a few more photos as he flapped away. Wish I had my long lens on the camera, but I was glad at least I had it nearby and ready to shoot!Great Blue Heron

The trees are summer-full of leaves so I couldn’t see where he landed.

Great Blue HeronI went up to our deck to try to spot him and was treated to another rare sight, an oriole down in the garden.


George saw him the other day, and put grape jelly out on the oriole feeder for him. He was headed for the hummingbird feeder near this tree.Oriole

What birds have you been seeing in your summer-garden?

8 comments on “Great Blue Heron Visits the Garden

  1. We see skunks! And hummingbirds, robins, sparrows, crows, hawks overhead, towhees, squirrels who kindly bury their peanut shells in our planters, and the neighborhood feral-but-friendly-cared-for-by-a-nice-neighbor cat called Max. And I hear bushtits but they like to hide.

  2. David S says:

    Inner city Somerville… skunks, possums, robins, cardinals, blue jays and mockingbirds, along with ubiquitous sparrows and mourning doves. We used to have a flock of house finches on Spring Hill, but haven’t seen em for the past few years. Oh yes and our next door neighbor’s tabby who likes visiting our indoor threesome. Oh yes we had a rabbit running around last year in the Somerville Hospital parking lot.

  3. what a wonderful surprise – always love seeing herons – such graceful birds…hopping over from your comment on CPS blog…

  4. libbyQ says:

    lucky you having a visit from the blue heron~! although at our house it may have helped itself to some goldfish which wouldn’t have been a happy thing.
    I’ve been seeing some orioles around and they are always happy to be sipping from the hummingbird feeders. i read somewhere that they liked oranges but have never seen them enjoying the ones i put out.
    within the last week our hummingbird feeders have been swarmed with hummers. i currently have to refill them every other day. this weekend my daughter and i will work at identifying the types and whether they are adult males/females or young ones.
    there are canaries, finches, doves, red winged blackbirds, robins, night hawks meadowlarks, swallows and a couple of weeks ago we had a parent falcon with three fledglings hanging around getting some hunting lessons.
    occasionally i see a cottontail in the back garden and that is quite a treat too.

    thanks for sharing and allowing me to share as well.


    • Heidi Rand says:

      Wow Libby. So many birds visiting you, that’s wonderful! 🙂 We have lost goldfish to a heron but at least this one didn’t get any. George tried the orange and I don’t remember whether the oriole liked it, but they love grape jelly. We have one pair and a baby right now visiting the oriole and hummingbird feeders. Do you take photos?

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