El Cerrito City Hall Gallery Exhibits

El Cerrito City Hall gallery

Landscapes by Jean Sanchirico

The El Cerrito Arts and Culture Commission invites Bay Area artists to submit proposals for Gallery Space exhibits in the City Hall Gallery Space. Proposals to be considered by the Commission at their November review should be submitted by 4:00 pm on Friday, November 1, 2013.

The Arts and Culture Commission reviews submissions for the Gallery Space twice a year, in May and November, but artists are invited to submit proposals at any time. Preference is given to artists who are residents of El Cerrito.

Interested artists should provide a proposal including an electronic sample of their works of art to be presented to the Arts and Culture Commission. Complete guidelines for submission can be downloaded from the City’s website.

The Gallery Space is located inside the El Cerrito City Hall at 10890 San Pablo Avenue in El Cerrito, and is open to the public during City Hall business hours. The current show is “Landscapes by Jean Sanchirico”.

The Gallery Space is the City’s contribution to the El Cerrito Art in Public Places Program for construction of the City Hall in 2008. The Art in Public Places Program requires certain developments to contribute 1% of construction costs to public art.

For more information on the Arts and Culture Commission and the Gallery Space, contact Arts and Culture Commission Staff Liaison Suzanne Iarla at (510) 215-4318 or visit the City’s website.


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