Orchids in the garden

It’s Bay Area autumn, warm weather in the afternoon with rich glowing light. And a bonanza of orchids blooming in the garden. Many of the cymbidiums have flower spikes, but this yellow one has them all beat. It opened about 2 weeks ago and is still going strong.

Cymbidium orchid

This Tracyanum is also a cymbidium. I love the designerly lines.

Tracyanum cymbidium orchid

And I just noticed this gorgeous red treasure. When I described it to him over the phone, brilliant George reeled off the name: Odontioda Charlesworthii ‘Mishima’.

Odontioda Charlesworthii 'Mishima'

What’s blooming in your garden?

3 comments on “Orchids in the garden

  1. Janice Adams says:

    How lovely these orchids are. It is rather thrilling to me that such exotic blooms seem to thrive so far north. Or maybe it is just Heidi and George giving such TLC.

  2. Nan Yarbrough says:

    Mine are blooming too. It seems very early. Mine usually don’t start til Dec. Maybe I’m just paying more attention this year.

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