Happy Halloween vintage postcards

Wishing you a Happy Halloween with two scari-licious vintage postcards! Old Halloween cards are relatively rare, as compared to cards sent at Thanksgiving, Christmas, birthday and other holidays.

“The Salem Witch” is a linen postcard featuring a scary witch with her familiars — a soaring bat and the witch’s passenger on her broom, a black cat with arched back and puffy tail — flying across the sky above Salem, Massachusetts.

The Salem Witch vintage Halloween card

There’s no writing on the back, but it calls for a one-cent stamp, which would help to date it. The card was published by the Curt Teich company, and according to one source is circa 1915 to 1930.

The other card has a message: “Hear the seething cauldron’s din; Throw your strongest potions in — Swiftly bring my love, unseen, Unto me this Hallowe’en!” A brew of some kind of love spell boils in the cauldron over a blazing fire, and three ravens fly across a full moon. Little grinning pumpkin faces parade across the top.

Vintage Halloween card

“Mrs K” of Vallejo sent it to Mr. D. Tunney of San Rafael on October 30th 1917.

Have a wonderful Halloween everyone!

4 comments on “Happy Halloween vintage postcards

  1. Janice Adams says:

    Aren’t they marvelous. I wonder if Mrs K scared the pants off Mr. Tunney? And did he indeed go visit the lady?

    • Heidi Rand says:

      Jan, I know! It’s kind of a spooky message. On the back she asks him to “Drop a line to Eunice”, so maybe she was match-making between her friend Eunice and Delman. Love the old names …

  2. Janice Adams says:

    I take back all my impure thought about Mrs. K. She probably was the Matchmaker.

    • Heidi Rand says:

      Jan, I didn’t give you full information, so it was natural to think that. So much of the fun of collecting old postcards is reading the messages on the back. One in my collection says on the back: “I have a boil on my lip” … Postcards truly were the Facebook of their day!

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