Cymbidiums in the Winter Garden

As most of the country freezes, we’ve been warm and dry here in the Bay Area. It’s hard to enjoy the nice weather while our friends shiver and we watch as the days without rain careen toward drought-warning records. But the silver lining – our garden is happy, and George’s cymbidium orchids are blooming like crazy. This Tracyanum is overflowing its pot with tons of flower spikes.

Cymbidium Tracyanum orchid

Here’s one of my favorites, Cymbidium Final Flame. I love the large red flowers.

Cymbidium Final Flame

This yellow beauty, Arcadian Sunrise ‘Patrice’, has been blooming for at least a month!

Arcadian Sunrise 'Patrice'

And last but not least, Cymbidium Evening Star ‘Bethlemen’.

Cymbidium Evening Star 'Bethlemen'

Is anything blooming in your garden?

2 comments on “Cymbidiums in the Winter Garden

  1. Janice Adams says:

    Nothing brightens my life like you lovely blog. The pictures are always beautiful and inspiring and your words often bring information I didn’t know. I have desert planting in my yard and presently we have rosemary and honey suckles are blooming. Everything else is pretty much sleeping through the winter.

    • Heidi Rand says:

      Jan, Thank you so much for your wonderful words! Your garden must smell wonderful, with the rosemary and honeysuckle blooming, and so great you’ve got them there for any bees in the area.

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