Vintage Valentine’s Day Greetings

I showed you some of my vintage Valentine’s Day cards in my 2013 post A Token of Loveand my 2012 post Happy Valentine’s Day. Valentine’s Day is only a week away, so it’s that time again!

Two sweet cupids bring Valentine Greetings. The butterfly wings on the upper one are exquisite! Aunt Bertha sent this postcard to her niece “Dear Little Irene” in 1911.

Valentine Greetings vintage postcard

And more Valentine Greetings sent by Mrs Webb of Warners NY, to Mrs Gusta Upcraft of New Haven NY in 1923. Mrs Webb wrote that she is “just recovering from a 2 weeks siege of grip” and closed with “Lots of love, from your friend.”

Valentine Greetings vintage postcard

Finally, a bit of Valentine sass.

Valentine's Day vintage postcard

The peeved little girl, a frown on her face and hands on hips, says: “To greet you / Valentine’s Day  / If there weren’t something / dog-gone-affectionate about / you, I’d set you down hard!”

The sheepish little boy looks properly rebuked, and you can see that he even has a little doggie tail sticking out of his cute overalls. With nothing written on the back and no postmark I don’t know what year it’s from or whether the less-than-romantic message was ever sent to a reluctant beau.

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

One comment on “Vintage Valentine’s Day Greetings

  1. Judy Tillson says:

    Thanks for sharing these gems.

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