Orchid of the Week: Euchile citrina

George’s orchids bloom year-round, so I barely have time to take photographs of all of his amazing flowers, but a special one bloomed for the first time this week and I just had to show it off. This is Euchile (Encyclia) citrina.

Euchile citrina orchid

Common names include the Daffodil or Tulip orchid, and in its native Mexico it’s also called Limoncito (Little Lemon). George mounted it on a piece of driftwood with the flower growing down. This shows the mount and pseudobulbs (the internodes at the top, common to epiphytic orchids like this one).

Euchile (Encyclia) citrina

Here’s the proud orchidist.

Euchile citrina orchid

And a real plus for an orchid: it has a wonderful fragrance. This week’s “Best in House” award goes to the Euchile citrina!

Euchile citrina orchid

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