Happy Black Cat Day

August 17th is Black Cat Appreciation Day, begun in 2011 by Wayne Morris to honor black cats and highlight their plight as the last to be adopted at many shelters. Some think that old superstitions linking black cats and bad luck may be one reason they’re difficult to place.

Beautiful Betty was our first black cat.

Betty cat

Betty and Dorian, our first son, were completely devoted to one another.

Dorian and Betty

And Daisy, our newest lovely daughter, is pure black.

Daisy and George

Part of a feral litter found in a truck, her multi-colored brothers and sisters were quickly adopted but no one was choosing Daisy – despite her loving, playful personality.

Daisy meets Woody

Daisy adores her brother Lars, and he has come to think she’s okay, though he always keeps an eye open to make sure she’s not about to pounce on him.

Daisy and Lars

Once in a while Daisy even stops playing long enough for me to get a posed shot.


Do you have a black cat or dog? If so, give them an extra treat and kiss today!



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