Feral Cats’ Thanksgiving Feast

For more than a year George, along with volunteering at the local spay/neuter clinic, Fix Our Ferals, has been working with a group of people who feed several feral cat colonies in Richmond. The group also traps and spays the colonies, so eventually they will disappear. This year George’s assigned feeding day fell on Thanksgiving, so before we went off for our own feast, we brought food and water to one of his colonies. We were greeted by two of the friendliest cats, Martian and Baby. They’re so socialized that we guess they were probably abandoned by people who lost their houses. This is Baby, doing her “Hello George” rollover.

Feral catsGeorge gives her a good scritch.

Feral cats

Here comes more of the gang.

Feral catsThere’s plenty of food for all. Some is donated by the Animal Rescue Foundation and Pet Food Express, and it’s otherwise paid for by private donations and out of the volunteers’ own pockets. A lot of the care for sick feral cats is arranged through Community Concern for Cats (CC4C).

Feral catsThey haven’t been able to catch all of the cats, so one mama recently had kittens. This one was shy at first.

Feral cat

But soon was happily eating alongside his brother.

Feral cats

Bad weather in winter makes life harder for a feral cat. If you have time and energy to help out, contact your local organization. If you’re in the Richmond/El Cerrito area, you can volunteer at Fix Our Ferals, and you can also reach the group that’s feeding feral cat colonies by speaking to Kathy at Fix Our Feralsor leave a comment here and I’ll get back to you.


2 comments on “Feral Cats’ Thanksgiving Feast

  1. clawsandwhiskers says:

    This is great work that you’re doing. I am happy that these wonderful volunteers exist to take care of the often forgotten feral cat population. Thank you for all that you do for these cats!

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