A Mighty Tree Falls

Many years ago a small park was created, tucked between two streets in El Cerrito. Neighbors planted two trees which grew large and strong, providing wonderful shade, as well as protection for many birds, squirrels and other creatures. A neighbor told me that the tree was 70 years old, and identified it as an Italian Stone Pine. Earlier this year one of the trees died, and had to be removed, and after the last bad storm the larger remaining tree began to lean. This morning I drove by Poinsett Park and saw red “DANGER” tape strung around it. I had a bad feeling, which was shared by neighbors on our local Nextdoor network, and we had just begun discussing what to do to convince the City to try to save the tree. But then a post showed up: “TREE JUST FELL IN STRONG WIND!!!”

Poinsett Park treeOur neighbor heard the tree fall (too soon for me to use that as a joke).

Poinsett Park tree

The City is out there now. We’re hoping at least to be able to use some of the wood for benches and tables for the park.

Poinsett Park treeThe power of nature – to grow the mighty tree, then to fell it with a strong rain and wind.

Poinsett Park tree

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