Enchanted Seasons at Addison Gallery

I’m honored and excited to be part of the current display at the Addison Street Windows Gallery, next to Freight & Salvage at 2018 Addison Street in Berkeley. The Gallery’s curator is artist Demetri Broxton. The wonderful Nga Trinh organized the show, which also includes Larry Hatfield and Shankar Ramamoorthy.

Nga chose “Enchanted Seasons” as the theme. And wonderful Nga brought her camera to record the installation; these are her photos. A quick shot before we started to mount the show: Nga and Demetri.

Nga and Demetri

Demetri describes our work: “Nga Trinh captured the vibrancy of Spring through quilt-like, two-dimensional and three-dimensional assembled origami pieces made from recycled paper, such as floral calendars.”

Nga Trinh

“Heidi Rand takes on Summer through both pigment ink prints and mixed media boxes and bowls.”

Heidi Rand

“Shankar Ramamoorthy’s work highlights Autumn through hand-printed screen prints of original photographs taken by him.”

Shankar Ramamoorthy

“Larry Hatfield tackles Winter through watercolors and a digital print.”

Larry Hatfield

The show will be up through January 21, 2015. The Addison Street Windows Gallery is a project of the City of Berkeley, funded by the Berkeley Public Art Fund. The Gallery is located at 2018 Addison Street, Berkeley CA. Because the artwork is in the windows at sidewalk level, you can view it 24 hours a day, every day.

One comment on “Enchanted Seasons at Addison Gallery

  1. Nga Trinh says:

    Thanks for posting Heidi. Nga

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