A Vintage New Year

To start off 2015 right, I bring you a gorgeous Happy New Year postcard.

Happy New Year vintage postcard

Three brilliantly-colored birds perch on a snow-sprinkled branch. All of the details: the birds and their meticulously drawn feathers, the gold banner, the festive holly branch with red berries, and the lettering: “A Happy New Year” are embossed. There’s no message or postmark on the back. A copyright on the front has a date of 1911.

Want to see more? I showed you two other wonderful vintage New Year’s postcards in this blog post. And in this post I showed you a matched pair of Christmas and New Year cards.

Happy New Year! May you send and receive many postcards this year.

4 comments on “A Vintage New Year

  1. Nga Trinh says:

    You have a lovely blog Heidi. Keep up the good work. Happy New Year!

  2. Janice Adams says:

    Amazing how well the color has kept through all these years.

    • Heidi Rand says:

      I know, Jan – I’m always amazed that the colors on my old postcards don’t seem to have faded. Partly I guess from keeping them away from light, but also really long-lasting inks, I guess!

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