New Smartphone Photography Class

I’m beaming proud to announce my online class, Taking Great Photos With Your Smartphone, brand spanking new at CratfArtEdu!

Smartphone class CraftArtEdu

As a photographer who started out shooting with film cameras and doing my own darkroom processing and printing, I welcomed the ease, convenience and flexibility of digital SLR cameras and doing my own “lightroom” processing using Photoshop and an inkjet printer.

Smartphone class film

Now I’ve eagerly leaped into the world of smartphone photography and apps.

Smartphone photography class

After shooting a zillion images and analyzing scads of others’ smartphone photos, I wanted to show people how to overcome some of the limitations of the camera phone and maximize its advantages as compared to traditional cameras. While recognizing the camera phone’s strong points, it’s also important to realize when the small lens can’t measure up, so you don’t get discouraged or blame yourself for the equipment’s shortcomings. For example, you can add a telephoto lens to your phone, but attaching it and holding it steady is a lot harder than with the zoom lens on your SLR. This photo shows the camera phone telephoto lens, dwarfed by my Nikon’s zoom.

Telephoto lenses

But the small lens is directed by a large brain (computer), and many things are made much easier and less expensive with the smartphone, like editing and enhancing your photos without a software program, and quickly posting them to social media.

Smartphone photography class

Have you been disappointed with the photos you’re getting with your camera phone? Want an experienced guide to help you explore and expand your creativity with this versatile new technology that you carry around in your pocket? If so, I’d love you to check out the free preview of my class.  It’s on sale for $15 through Friday February 27th.

Click here to see my CraftArtEdu main page.

There’s a wonderful CraftArtEdu promo for the new class at this link, and it also includes descriptions of my other CraftArtEdu classes! 

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2 comments on “New Smartphone Photography Class

  1. Marti Icenogle says:

    I tried to send you a message on CraftArtEdu, but the Connect link resulted in a 404 Error. My question was whether or not the devices and apps discussed will be directed to the iPhone or the other Smartphones. I have taken tutorials and watched videos that were for smartphones but everything was geared to the iPhone. Just wanted to know before I sign up for the class. Thanks.

    • Heidi Rand says:

      Hi Marti,
      I’ll check with CraftArtEdu about the 404 problem, thanks for letting me know. The class is directed to both iPhones and other smartphones. I have a Samsung Galaxy, so a lot of the screenshots are from that, but I also got my friends with iPhones to send me some screenshots. As I mention in the class, since there are so many different models of camera phones, I give general directions that apply to any phone. The devices I show are all available for Android, because I use them with my phone. Let me know if you have any other questions!
      Best, Heidi

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