Artist Talks at the ArtFirst! Holiday Show

Come to our artists’ talks this week at the ArtFirst! Holiday Art Show. I introduced you to daydreaming artist kayla garelick in this post.  Many people wonder how kayla achieves such amazing abstract effects with her photographs.

kayla garelick crystal photograph

Here’s your chance to find out! kayla will present a one hour hands-on demonstration and talk on “Through a lens darkly; an artist’s view of photography.” Start times are 3 pm and 5 pm on both Wednesday & Thursday November 28 & 29. See through kayla’s amazing lenses and into the depths of a tiny crystal. kayla writes: “Some spiritualists say you can see your soul when you gaze into the depths of a natural crystal! Perhaps you’ll see your destiny, find your soulmate, or encounter past lives. Or perhaps not, but you will see the beginning of my creative process!”

kayla garelick crystal photograph

On Friday November 30th from 4 pm to 5 pm, I’ll speak about selling artwork and crafts online. I’ll share tips and answer your questions about the various venues available to sell online, engaging in social media to promote your arts and crafts, and more.
Etsy home page
And on Sunday December 2nd, starting at 1 pm and running throughout the day, you can watch my slideshow “Gardening For Wildlife”, which is a collection of my original nature photographs of local butterflies, birds and other wildlife, and gives examples of the different kinds of plants you can use to attract and nurture them.
Pipevine swallowtail on pipevine plant
Join us at the Village Shops & Galleries, 10330 San Pablo Ave., El Cerrito, between Stockton and Eureka Streets. The ArtFirst! Holiday Show and Sale will run from Wednesday Nov. 28 through Sunday December 2nd, from noon to 6 pm. The Gallery is wheelchair accessible, and there is plenty of free parking. It is about a half mile from the El Cerrito Plaza BART station.

Meet Some of my Favorite Artists

I told you the other day that my dreams to expand my usual solo Open Studio to include other artisans will finally come true, at the ArtFirst! Holiday Show and Sale starting next week. Here’s a look at the work of a couple of the amazing artists in the show. (And stay tuned, I’ll introduce you to more in my next posts). First, the most well-rounded, knowledgeable and generous artist I know —kayla garelickabstract photographer and photogravure printmaker. kayla writes that she seeks with her art to communicate her daydreams. Her business name is, aptly, “daydreaming arts.”

kayla garelick abstract photograph

copyright kayla garelick daydreaming arts

kayla is also a website wizard. She took time out of her busy schedule printing her work for this show, and appearing in other shows around the Bay Area, to create ArtFirst!’s site.

How many art shows boast talented mother and daughter artists? Meet Grace Taormina and her daughter Rachel. Grace is a mixed media and fiber artist who teaches a wide variety of art classes in the Bay Area and online at CraftArtEdu, and has published books about rubber stamping and other crafts. This is Grace’s Paper Paste Accordian Book.

Paper Paste Accordian Book

copyright Grace Taormina

Rachel Taormina paints and draws, works in mixed media, and creates upcycled jewelry. This is the home page of her website – showing the amazing variety of her artwork.

Rachel Taormina website

copyright Rachel Taormina

That’s your sneak peek for today! Much more to come, and if you’re in the Bay Area, I hope you can make it to the show — at the Village Shops and Galleries, 10330 San Pablo Ave., El Cerrito, from November 24th through December 2nd, from noon to 6:00 pm, open every day except Monday and Tuesday.

Come to meet us at the opening launch party, next Saturday Nov. 24, from 5:00 to 8:00 pm.

Profile of Kayla Garelick, daydreaming artist

In 2004 I made my grand debut selling my photo arts and crafts by participating in Pro Arts’ East Bay Open Studios. For a novice’s first foray into the rough and tumble of art sales it went pretty well. I sold some and learned a ton about the importance of self-promotion, because in the end, only a couple out of dozens of people who came by my studio found out about me through the Pro Arts catalog.
By far the best thing to come from the entire experience was an email I got even before I opened my studio. A fellow photographer, Kayla Garelick, liked one of the images I put up on the website that Pro Arts provided for us. Kayla and I emailed back and forth, we met, we clicked (photographer pun intended), and we’ve been fast friends ever since.
"Leaves" gallery page on Kayla's website

"Leaves" gallery page on Kayla's website

I haven’t done an Open Studio through Pro Arts again, although I still hold my own open studios once or twice a year. And Kayla has gone on to exhibit in a wide variety of shows, galleries, and at Open Studios in San Francisco.
Along with selling and showing her work at many venues in the Bay Area, Kayla is an accomplished web designer, and has had her own website in various forms since the 1990s. So when I decided to include profiles of a few artists in the book I was writing about selling art online, as examples and to inspire, Kayla was the first person I asked.  Okay, enough introduction, here’s the profile of Kayla that’s in the book, slightly edited because I have more space here!
“Daydreaming artist” Kayla Garelick is an abstract photographer who creates her images and photobased mixed media art pieces with extreme technical precision and rigorous attention to detail. Kayla’s writing, on her blog and website (see links to all of Kayla’s sites at the end of her profile) and on the many other sites where she appears, consistently displays her generosity, spirituality, and passion for art and life.
Kayla Garelick website

Part of the homepage of Kayla's website,

An accomplished web designer, Kayla has had her own website in various forms since the 1990s, has extensive technical training in building sites, has taught web design, and has designed sites for non-profits. Currently, Kayla uses her artistic vision and web design training, which she keeps up to date by taking online courses, to make her website uniquely her own. She uses hand coding to control elements and functions that she could not achieve using automated tools, and also uses free-of-charge open source scripts. When she needs a tool to, as she puts it, “ease some of the pain of repetitive stuff,” she uses Adobe Dreamweaver, a popular web development program.
Kayla Garelick blog
Kayla began blogging in 2005 on the Blogspot platform. The screen shot above is of her current blog:  She recently moved the blog to WordPress, partly because she gets more comments on her WP blog posts, and partly because Blogspot lost one of her posts. She also has a Facebook fan page (also known as a business page), where she posts about the shows and galleries that she appears in, promotes other artists’ work and publicizes opportunities for artists, discusses art classes that she’s taking, and posts her photographs.
Kayla's facebook fan page

Kayla's facebook fan page,

She doesn’t sell her work directly through her website or other online venue. Her first goal in being online is to have her art seen and remembered, to promote her shows, and to be invited to show her work at other galleries or art shows. Her second goal is to sell her artwork at shows and to sell the rights to her work. Kayla is active in a large variety of artist groups, both online and off. She always takes the opportunity to show her work in her groups’ online galleries, which greatly increases and broadens her exposure to potential audiences.

To see her sublime photography and read her articulate, heartfelt words, visit Kayla’s links:

Facebook fan page:
Art sites:

Interested in learning more about selling your arts & crafts online? Check out my book Sell Your Artwork & Crafts Online: An Insider’s Guide to the Worldwide Arts Market.  And I’d love to invite you to join the facebook page that I started for people to network with other artists who are selling their work online. It’s there for you to post questions, to share your progress and frustrations, and I’ll post lots of free tips about selling and marketing your arts and crafts online.