You call this February?

Is the wonderful weather we’re having in the Bay Area right now supposed to be consolation for our miserable, cold summer? What were we calling July 2011 — Jul-uary, or something clever like that. Well I guess this is Febru-ly? Febru-gust? Okay, so I’m not so great with the slogans. But anyway, it’s February 2nd, and this is the ornamental plum tree in our front garden.

Ornamental plum tree in bloom

As you approach, it sounds like the whole tree is buzzing. It’s covered with bees.

Honeybee on an ornamental plum tree flower

These trees bloom gloriously for a brief time, usually later in the season, but the first rain strips the pink ruffles away and they’re bare for most of the year. If a strong wind hits, the blooms swirl off the tree and it looks like a fantastical pink rainstorm. But oh my, other than the beauty and the buzz, look what will come from the marriage of the blooms and the bees: