Inca Princess Flower blooms

What’s that flower,  I asked George. It’s rare that I spot a treasure in the garden before he sees it, and he was delighted that the first flower on the Cantua buxifolia he planted last year bloomed.

Cantua buxifolia

We had grabbed the Cantua the minute we saw it at Annie’s Annuals, figuring from the flower’s shape that hummingbirds would like it. Annie’s helpful i.d. card confirmed our hunch: “Adored by hummingbirds!” George didn’t remember the common name but thought it was something like Queen or Princess of the Incas. It’s the national flower of Peru, and he wasn’t far off – one of its common names is Sacred Flower of the Andes. He probably remembered reading about the Inca legend associated with the flower, you can see it here on wikipedia.

A hummingbird was zipping around the garden. We hoped he’d feed from the Inca Princess flower but he decided to visit the Meyer lemon tree flower instead.

Hummingbird at lemon tree flower

I only had time to grab these two photos before he sped away.

Hummingbird at lemon tree flower

What’s blooming in your garden this week, and who’s feeding from it?