Early Birds and Night Owls

I’m an early bird.  At this time of year, the sky has just barely started to brighten as I emerge from BART to walk to work. Then, like a cruel trick, daylight savings steals even that bit of welcome light from me, and I have to wait again for the spring sun to rise earlier. George is a night owl. He’s ecstatic that he’ll have another hour of light in the evening. This is my blended photographic collage, for you night owls:

Barn owl pocket watch

And this is my latest collage, with the same pocket watch photograph, for early birds like me.

 Hummingbird watch collag

Whichever you are, don’t forget to spring ahead tonight!

Fair Fun and a photocollage

One of the happiest traditions George and I have is attending local county fairs. Our favorite is the Alameda County Fair, held out in Pleasanton. It’s a long day, so I don’t carry around my heavy camera and lenses, I just grab my little Pentax and use it to get snapshots of whatever catches my fancy.

First stop, 4-H raised birds. This lonely goose was yapping loudly to the two geese in the cage next to him.


Moving from large to small, like these parakeets lined up on a bar. The light was too low for a sharp photo,  so I used some techniques to emphasize the bright colors.


We love to walk the midway. Speaking of birds, I’m a chicken when it comes to the rides, but I do love to take photos of them.

Ferris wheel

Ferris wheel

The Alameda County Beekeepers Association always has a wonderful booth, and this year was no exception (congratulations on the well-deserved ribbons). George here, talking bees with Alan Pryor, past president of the ACBA.

Alameda County Beekeepers Association booth

Alameda County Beekeepers Association booth

We can’t miss the displays of homemade jams, jellies, etc. This year there were more entries of jarred honey and beeswax candles than ever, reflecting the increasing popularity of backyard beekeeping.

Much of Alameda County gets more sun than we do in the El Cerrito fog belt, but we’re still always amazed at the range of flowers and vegetables that people enter for judging. This flower was huge! I love the wild twisted petals and unusual colors.


The day we went the livestock barn was full of goats. These two were cuddled together for a nap.


This year is the centennial year for the Alameda County Fair! There was a great display of programs, signs and other memorabilia from the past 100 years.

Those are the highlights of our wonderful day at the Fair.

Oh, this is the photocollage I made from the Ferris Wheel and flower photos, blended with a shot I grabbed of the dramatic clouds and sky above us on our ride home.

County Fair collageDo you go to your County Fair? What’s your favorite activity?