Votes for Women vintage postcard

Today’s vintage treasure – a postcard for women’s suffrage dated 7/31/14, and that’s 1914 dear reader – six years before women got the right to vote in the United States!  I found this historical gem during my birthday visit to SCRAP, the go-to Bay Area creative reuse warehouse. With a shockingly timely message mailed by two enlightened fellows to their lady friends over a hundred years ago, here’s the front:

Votes for women vintage postcard

The back, addressed in beautiful cursive handwriting to Miss Kate Costa, Marysville, California, reads:

Dear Kate & Mabel,

You “guys”, better beat it down here on that motor tomorrow eve. (Sat.). We have made big preparations for “our our” dance, see. If you wish, this one, we will sure fill the farmhouse full of cans. See you to-morrow on the motor. Fred & Harry. Box 344.

Votes for women vintage postcard

I tracked down an image of the same postcard on The Suffrage Postcard Project website, which links to their source, the Palczewski Suffrage Postcard Archive. From the Archive’s site I learned that Barton & Spooner Co. published the card, and indeed – I now see a very small B&S logo in the lower right corner, under the word “motor”.

As noted by Catherine Helen Palczewski, “[A] fascinating intersection occurred between advocacy for and against woman suffrage, images of women (and men), and postcards. Best estimates are that approximately 4,500 postcards were produced with a suffrage theme.” See Palczewski, Catherine H. Postcard Archive. University of Northern Iowa. Cedar Falls, IA.

Plus ça change,  n’est-ce pas?