A Joyful Easter

Happy Passover and Easter! I don’t have any vintage postcards showing a seder, but am happy to share two wonderful vintage embossed Easter cards from my collection.

Vintage Easter postcard

A newly hatched chick posing on a gleaming dark gold egg-shaped background wishes us A Joyful Easter. I adore the Art Nouveau typeface and flourishes gorgeously frame the little hen. The postcard was never mailed, and there’s no message on the back.

Vintage Easter postcardIn this card dated April 17, 1911, a dapper Easter bunny clad in a fancy morning suitjacket and equipped with his umbrella (for April showers) doffs his top hat at the wide-eyed little chick. The gleaming gold egg (we have a theme!) is adorned with a deeply-embossed and finely detailed pansy and lily flower.

The card reads: “Dearest Mother, Hope the bunny brings you many joys on this day. Yours lovingly, Edith.” There’s no stamp or postmark, so Edith probably delivered the card by hand to her mother.

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A Pinafore With Shoulder Ruffles

I’m drawn to the odd corners of estate sales, those rooms that most other people pass by. The dens stacked with old tattered books and papers, or hobby rooms filled with half-finished projects. I hit a gold mine at one, and spent a fascinated hour looking through piles of old sewing patterns, half-filled button cards, snaps and straps and so much more! Imagine, the “Fashion Service” Company of San Francisco would mail you the latest patterns.

Vintage pattern envelopeJudging by the 1.5 cent Martha Washington stamp and pre-canceled envelope with the phrase “Sec. 562, P. L. & R.”, the pattern was mailed sometime in the 1930s or 40s.

Martha Washington stampThe back of the envelope gives a glimpse of other patterns you could order, from a fetching bathing suit to a variety of skirts and dresses.

Vintage patternThe pattern in this envelope was for a pinafore (don’t hear that word much these days), which you could make either with or without shoulder ruffles.

Vintage pattern

Next time – the art of vintage button cards! What items do you make a beeline for at garage sales?